Spring Symposium Tomorrow! (Well Today)

Just a little humor before I get started! The Spring Symposium is tomorrow! I am excited, nervous, shakin' in my boots, all of that. Mostly excited though. I left last week's class feeling more confident about presenting my work to an audience (including my family) for the first time. I finished my presentation and I … Continue reading Spring Symposium Tomorrow! (Well Today)

Almost That Time!

    Let's Get Started! Hello everyone! Well, I have been quite busy this week. Before I get started, just a huge "Congratulations" to my fellow classmate, scholar, and colleague Kelli for the amazing showcase of her Thesis during Kean University's Research Days 2019. I was able to express, create, and learn. I applaud you. … Continue reading Almost That Time!

Jumping to the Halfway Point: Too Early for a Breakdown?

I've always heard the saying, "A girl can change her mind, can't she?" -Unknown, from television and movies. However, when it comes to my academic studying and thesis, could I actually change my mind? Is it too late? Lemme break it down.  The day after our Valentine's Day class I was not only excited about … Continue reading Jumping to the Halfway Point: Too Early for a Breakdown?